About Us

Konduskar Travels comes with very good choice they have won lots of awards for their dedication to customer service and are said to be the number one travel agent in India. They have a very good safety reputation which is very important.

Konduskar Travels are a professional company who can offer a great customer service. Their web site is pretty easy to use and you can very easily see the schedules and you will also see how quick and easy it is to book a ticket. Their web site is very up to date and is actually quite good to look at. You can book your ticket on their internet page and then you can also print your ticket straight away so there is no waiting for confirmation and no chance of your ticket being lost in the mail. If you want to cancel you bus or tour ticket there is also some spot on the page for you to do that as well.

Konduskar Travels have different kinds of busses to different places and they also have a lot of different types of fares for the many different kinds of passengers that they take every single day. This makes travelling a lot more affordable for a lot more people. You have a lot more control on what you do if you book a tour you can choose a one way ticket or you can choose to have a return ticket. If you want to take a one way ticket you can then be free to have time to explore the country side a bit more and come back at a time that is suitable to you and not when you are scheduled to. It also means you can stay in one place longer if you like it more than another place, you can leave one place earlier too if you do not feel comfortable there.

You can probably find a tour to suit any time of the day you think will suit your other travel arrangements. Konduskar Travels have some really great tours on offer and you will probably find that the hardest thing you have to do is actually choose which tour to take. There are so many good options and you will not be disappointed with where they go and how many buses they have available. All you really need to do is have a look on their internet page and decide.